Leisure Hunters

Laying traps in order
To catch wild souls and pets
When you are after pheasants
Really pushing bets
They do it just for leisure
Hobbyists infact
Some breathing space
Its a disgrace
And House cats they attract

Here we see it happening
Clearly someones pet
Caught in a wild trap
And shot three times
Clearly set
Fine it should have taken one shot
But we see
The hunters are bloody useless
Thats if you ask me

Cruelty they tortured
A cat a bounteous soul
Absolutely hopeless
There just was no control
The poor soul suffered badly
Amateurs thats all
They buy themselves a license
And then break every rule

Since it was recorded one hopes
They will be caught
And charged for what is a diabolical killing
Done with little thought
Carried like a sack of veg
No respect at all
All they want is pheasants
They they have shot where they did fall

Why dont we just stop killing
Torturing someones pets
Look at their demeanour
And their attitude it sets
A very poor example
Weekenders on the Job
All clearly incompetent
Not one of them could sob

Get rid of the evidence
Chuck it on the grass
Grown men with families
All out of their class
Murdering the wild life
Out their in the wood
Filling up their stomachs
And thinking all is good

So called leisure hunters
A big pain in the arse
They shouldnt be given licenses
They are out of their class
They are stupid and need railing in
And made to stay at home
Laying traps about the place
Where any soul can roam

Catch them take away their guns
Stick their photographs in the local newspapers
Shame the buggers

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