“In your face”

In your face nothing hidden
Over indulgence seen
As an excessive desire for eating
A deadly sin has been
Committed leading to gluttony
But my belief is here
We see a case of shock factor
On the face of it such fear

And we become judgemental
About this Eastern Trait
Designed to upset the apple cart
And to remonstrate
The problem the carnivores
They eat head meat too
In sausages in burgers
In brawn but fail to view

The fact of what they are eating
Because somebody before
Has stripped the head of meat and flesh
And eyeballs and whatsmore
Ground them up
And mixed these remnants
With flours and spices to
Create a sausage often in
A sheep gut it is true

As a vegan i am most disturbed
By this interlude of grief
Pulling pieces from a face
It is beyond belief
But in a way its honest
Its clearly in our face
Whereas the sausage scoffers
Avoid their own disgrace

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