Horses for courses

Living alone takes a whole
Lot of soul
Away from a life form
Perhaps a great hole
In what is expected
And the unforseen
Animals think and animals glean
So much from their
Environments and from the way
They are housed and looked after
YES everyday
They are mindful of
And it is true
A solitary lifestyle
Is a bolt from the blue
Unbargained for really
Caught on the hop
Frustration a life blighted
life then can flop

Loneliness sets in
Nothing to do
No one to speak with
It really is true
Despite the expense
A friend in need
Makes for a better life
Where Both will succeed

On a far greater footing
Its a far safer plan
Providence really
An equal life span
Horses for courses
Essence and meaning
There is a relevance
Surely a leaning

A great relationship
Otherwise they
Face a great loneliness
And it will play
On their psyche behaviourally
It is so true
Time spent on one’s own
Is just not good for you

A comrade a friend
Someone to share
The long hours of boredom
That often is there
Togetherness surely makes
One aware
With a friend in the paddock
To breathe the same air
Someone to fall back on
Someone who cares
To chat and to bolster
Each others affairs

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