Glimpses of farm animals and others

Wickedness a quality
That farm animals today
Expect from corporations
Iniquitous decay
Degradation and depravity
Degeneracy too
We need alliteration
To help us all see through

The improbity and dishonesty
And insincerity
Pigs in almost complete darkness
Where they hate to be
Living in such filth
No ventilation
Many do
Have sore eyes
Which is terrible
For me its clueless too

Pigs do not have sweat glands
So ventilation needs
To be much more efficient
Otherwise it leads
To very unhealthy
Dumping where they lay
For pigs
Its utter malevolence
And spiteful
And they pay

Highly persecuted
Though generally
Friendly souls
Tortured and misunderstood
By obviously unkind trolls.
Fattened up in Poland
What a great idea
Animals consigned to
Pork and Bacon
Where its clear

The farmers couldnt care a less
And their life times
Are so poor
Suffering every single day
On a prison floor

Cows the thought an expanse
Of fresh green grass and breeze
Wild flowers tweeting birds
Forget all that
This thought to seize

Steel barriers
A Concrete floor
Push button technology
No sunshine on their beloved backs
Just a robotic factory

And then some glimpses
Of some animals and where
Their joyful existence
Comes with added care
The turtle out in Taiwan
An operator there
Slicing off its carapace
With Its nerve endings all there
The agony personified
The poor turtle in tears
Imagine that now will you
In your TURTLE soup my dears

A silver fox in Poland
The forest and the trees
Copses thistles fresh cold air
Its Paradise, its plea’s
Sadly the tiniest of cage
In Poland and the soul
Cannot even turn around
Its On a wire floor to control
Imagine that pure purgatory
And a short life, for what
Somebody’s fur coat or gloves
Just Waiting to be shot

Ducks a quacking on some lake
A farm collecting eggs
A profusion of Nature
Look at their little legs
Swimming like the clappers
A ducks life so to say
Immersed in all that Nature
It really is the way

But sadly you are in dreamland
These poor souls nunber three
In the tiniest cage
Crunched in they be
Not a hint of water
Webbed feet in the dry
Every egg they ever lay
Stolen and you now know why

A butcher in a filthy room
With six dogs yelping, they
Wait and watch his fearsome form
Internally each pray
To their god ANUBIS
For what is to become
As each is going to be beaten
To death which leaves them numb

The canine tribes are sensitives
Loyal beyond all thought
In this filthy awful room
All of them are caught
And now one at a time will witness
And will share the breath
Of each as each is beaten
Yes beaten to Death

Clubbing pigs in Asia
Thats before they are killed
Pigs are very intelligent
They have feelings
They are thrilled
Much like a three year old child
And what we are going to see
Are these beautiful animals beaten
And then murdered nercilessly

Macaques intelligent thoughtful
Truthfully they be
Earnest in the way they live their lives
But dressed up in dolls clothing
And working in the street
Begging to the tourists
In the bloody heat

Or waiting in a cage
Close to some awful laboratory
Where certain tests are made
Acids squirted in their eyes
Or chemicals that burn
That scar their skins for weeks on end
Imagine their concern

A horse seen in Ethiopia
Working everyday
So emaciated its ribs
Well they are way
Worse than they should ever be
Nutrition really nil
And everyday it carts the bricks
Up the steepest hill

A dead pig in a green bin
The green bin its smashed through
Denmark showing off its
Bacon victims as they do
Sick pigs left to perish
On a factory floor
In utter filth and slurry
Which most of you ignore

A thirsty calf stretches her neck
Upwards where a leaf
Is growing out of desperation
Feeling all that grief
And all those coloured tags
Victims of those all gone
Onto the great spirit world
To the Rainbow Bridge
And on

To hopefully a more peaceful place
From the current Anthropocene

And Konrad Lozinski’s tragic reality

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