Eating live baby mice

The abandonment of decency
The irreverence of man
Whose desecrating evil
Is apparently to plan
For certain its ungodly
A created species who
Willingly gives up its offspring
So that we can do
The most unhallowed evil
We violate them all
Eating living babies
Just drives me up the wall
Is there a word for this
Demonic may be so
The infernal darkness
Maggots in full flow.

China brings its history
And experience to all
Devouring guzzling gorging
If its living or can crawl
Loaded up with toxins
with bacteria galore
As dirty and filthy as anything
That ever came before.

Viruses and killers
They are Everywhere
eating the tiny babies
Gasping with despair
As teeth grind up their tiny spines
Their baby heads, And eyes
Gluttony takes over
Binge eating now belies

Little mice sweet babies
Were never born to be
Dunked into yellow bean sauce
Soaked Nefariously
Inexcusably immoral
Iniquitous beyond
Any dietary reasons
Before we best abscond

To some place back in history
For the wicked are to be
Our masters cant you see this
A sort of slavery
Depravity degeneracy degradation too
The slippery slope to the shit hole
This much we see is true

And all those little babies
Wriggling about inside
Filthy caves of excrement
The people though denied
Their crookedness and corruption
And criminality
Their default and dereliction
And abusive truancy.

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