Criminal abusers must be prosecuted

Animals have rights
But these wild souls perished
In hails of gunfire
Together, alone
Running away from a maddening
Fire storm cowards
Murdering and taunting
We all must disown
These squalid of tainted and
Mental case wallers
500 wild deer trapped in a space
Walled up so no escape
Hunted to death
By the warped and demented
An utter disgrace.

Imagine the fear
The impoverished spirit
Depraved and degenerate
Afflicted fools
16 vile humans
A so called hunting zone
At Torrebela Tourist Farm
Where madness rules
Wild deers and wild boars
With no where to run to
16 guns firing
It was a war
Chauvenist arse oles
Hawkish and nasty
A taste for blood
And dogfights galore

Combatant muggers
Chasing the innocent
So called sharp shooters
The smell of success
Fear you could taste
As more and more bodies
Fell to the ground
Of what was so much stress
Maligned and ruinous
Ominous hostile
Accursed each animal
Frightened to death
Exacting unsparing
Our inner feelings
Of fighting for breath

Throbbing pulsating
Intense palpitating
Heartache and weariness
Wretchedness misery
Tension anxiety
Angst ridden down trodden
Writhing and squirming
Offended disgusted
No where to run to
No where to go
Where ever we ran
There were guns waiting for us
Continual harassment
A joyless flow

All of us feeling
A true realisation
Rueful and woeful
A harrowing time
All of us martyrs
Provoked and maddening
Little relief
from the mud and the slime
Gasping for air
As our spirits were leaving us
Swallowing blood
And suffering so
As these arseholes just remnants
Of some ugly army
Set out to murder us
In one sick show

Breast after breast heaving
And sighing
A wild requiem the toll of the knell
Bodies all over the place
Cracked and broken
Frightfully shocking
Our peacefulness hell
Dread awe and terror
Scare and stampede
Running here running there
No where to heed
Heroines knights angels
Shot to death anyway
And left to bleed

In what was a wonderland
Bushes and great trees
An enchanted place
Full of magical things
And now put to death
By this brazen assumption
These terrible monsters
Sucking our breath
Many lie butchered
In pools of blood
Others asleep
Not hearing the thud
Of heart beats beside them
Or the hatred around
The antagonism
Sunk into the ground

Anger was rising
A great bloody mist
Resentment was smouldering
Who will enlist
The laws of the country
The policing for we
Must see long convictions
Rampage the venting of spleen
Where once there was green
Now crimson froth
Hanging off thorn and bough
Where the rats and the crows
Are feasting and how

As for these hunters
Such malevolence they
The worst intentions
A rancorous display
Damning and blasting
Needful that they
Pay with their freedom
For all this dismay
Locked up and whipped
Let their backs bleed awhile
Rub salt in the lashes
Let them feel vile
Blackguards the lot of them
Without excuse
A plague of murdering scum
Bag abuse

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