Wild life in Victoria

Terms like harvesting
Disturb me
Farmers need to be
Educated and realise
The Kangaroo’s they see
In their state are wild
Were put there by their god
In relation to the environment
Thus I think its odd

Farming puts up fences
Grows its crops
And thus attracts
Other serious aspects
Lets look at the facts
Wild life works in tandem
With the grasses and the plants
Its all worked out in Nature
Nothings left to chance

Farming on the other hand
Is about the individual
What they choose to do
And grow
Often at odds with life
There should be an understanding
That does not add to the strife

Habitat destruction
Its out there that we know
Timber and Faunal extinction
Changing plants we grow
The Great Mother
Knows the secrets
The farming industry
Knows what it is doing
But its still a mystery

To some who do their own thing
Alongside the WILD
the Kangaroos are useful
They were so designed
by people
And detested by farmers
The easy fix to kill them
Its how it has to be

Call it harvesting or Culling
Dilute the actual drama
And as we all are mulling
Over in our minds
About how we make our buck
How we make our business grow
How we improve our luck

Seeing Eastern and West Greys
Bounding here and there
Some having the “staggers”
It happens we’re aware
The Wild Life Act Protects
But its easy to make a fuss
To blame the wild life every time
Its so easy to cuss

To forget that the land
We occupy
Long before we came
Was occupied by the wild life
Never seen as game
They are in fact wild farmers
Carrying seed and life
Part of the eco system
Not just adding to the strife

Understanding history
Caring for those who
Are living and dying
In the outback
And many are its true
Having some understanding
Of their plight of how they are
And realising our impact
On them is felt from afar

Dryness the hot sun
They are equipped to handle that
God makes Kangaroos you see
And in fact where they are at
They are under his jurisdiction
Organic through and through
Changing their survival
Its really what they do

For the the present LABOUR party
Grey suits so to say
Who listen to the lobbying
That hits them everyday
Thinking of their own seats
And not the wider world
Its easy to scream harvest
Easy when its hurled

In the house and elsewhere
Kill the bloody sods
Open up the market
Who cares about Gods
Thats all mumbo jumbo
We humans rule the roost
Don’t listen to the Indigenous
We just have to boost

Our power here
The old Kangaroo
Doesnt have a voice
Nor a vote
And so we note
Our only blooming choice

Is kill them
Shoot them eat them
The leather industry
Foot balls shoes
And whatever else
There is no mystery

If it gets votes a plenty
And farmers vote us in
Whats a few thousands smelly Roo’s
For us its all win win

short sighted ignorant arrogance
Selfish dishonesty
Artfulness and shamefulness
And insincerity
Falsehoods and injustice
Its happened all before
The roguery and the villiany
Creating a

Against the wild souls tragically
Is not the way to be
Its true the Roo’s don’t vote
But what you have to see
Is they dears are Iconic
They were out here long ago
They have lived in utter harmony
And they really know

The outback they are in it 24/7
They are there
They cut their cloth as to their god
They understand despair
But man is his worst enemy
He sadly fails to see
The bigger picture
That he misses
And fucks up constantly

To all you men and women
Grey suits and the rest
The wild souls are your investment
God made they are the best
Farmers importing arrogance
And ignorance alas
Tend to turn the paradise
Into a dark morass

Their lack of understanding
Their wavering loyalty
Money in the bank and profits
Squandered tragically
Are not the
Long term knowledge
The wider picture here
Killing culling harvesting
Won’t work
And for me its clear

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