It happened in Bakewell

Potency and power
The influence of how
In Bakewell so we hear
Some Hunters made it clear
Walking hounds
Its tyranny
That dominance
A strategy
Vested interests everywhere
Command prevail
It is just there

The High Break Hunt
Do what they please
And as we see
The hounds went loose
Their tendency
Is to run ahead

Into farmland
And sanctuaries
Where animals be
Its where they seize
Suppress and race
Frighten persecute
And chase

Dislocate and run amok
Swoop and kill
With any luck
A cat has died
Alpacas too
Frightened to death
So what to do

Split many ways
Chaos ensues
And all that plays
Out callously
It has to
Thats about the size
When tragically another dies

Wonderment meets irreverence
Spell binding magic
In a matter of minutes
A land of joy
Becomes a deathly blankness

Witness this before our eyes
Hounds on the rampage
Just realise
The iniquity and sinfulness
Blessings stolen and instead
These bloody hunts
Have wicked ways
Do wicked deeds
And it all plays
Out in evil through and through
Degeneracy in what they do

To baby cubs
That become bait
Tossed into kennels
And their fate
Its a learning process
After all
But they are breaking
Every rule
When cubs are eaten
Pulled to bits
And sanity is off its wits.

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