I thank the Goddess for Baronsdown

Its bitterly cold
In the forest
The wind shock the system
And we
The wild ones that live and that
Play here
Are shocked by the

Christmas brings frost
And snow falling
Earnestly we have to be
Careful when foraging
Our determination
And resoluteness
Most can see

We are single minded
We have to be
We concentrate where ere
We go
Our force of habit
And instincts
The unwritten law
Is we know

The hunts are about
All those horses
The hounds very eager to run
The unwanted people
Noisy as hell
The crack of the whip
And the ring of the bell

We are the motive
For being out here
The hunt is a punt
To enrage to spread fear
To pretend they are searching
That justification
Of getting into the air
Its Their sick fixation

With everything natural
With seeing and hearing
A wild fox appears
the wild deer excited
The hunter he hears
It all played out quickly
Exciting his soul
The hounds are excited
And out of control

Thank goodness for Baronsdown
Where we can rest
assured We are safe
We still find our zest
The cries of the hunters
The whistle their glee
And a wild fox sets off
On a race to be free

Boxing Day Hunts
They are everywhere
Harking, after blood
They have no care
Run down the life forces
Godliness thrown
A’sunder by farming folk
On land they own

There are no restrictions
Despite a Hunting Law
The police choose to turn
Their eyes away generally
With little concern
For us the wild animals
Put here to be
Able to live in a world
And safely

Sanctuaries cometh
Angels employed
Just safety before us
Where souls overjoyed
By the spirit and wonder
The commendable way
Pragmatic and practical
Just every day
Grass fresh and colourful
Blessings abound
A flawless eminence
Off of the ground

A sense of security
A guarantee
To be left where its safe
To just be as free
As a bird in the sky
Safe and unharmed
Where we all rely

On the truest rapport
Reciprocity reigns
Happy as sand boys
Peace in our veins
Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Happy to be
Safe from the
the hunters
And their asymmetry

2 comments on “I thank the Goddess for Baronsdown

  1. Paul Tillsley on said:

    That’s a lovely poem, Rex. Thanks so much. I will share it widely.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou i have over 250 poems on fox hunting on blog anyone you can use anytime

      Thousands of poems take your pick good to hear from you

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