Eating a cat

Before she scoffs her cat meal
She puts her lippy on
We only catch sight of her mouth
And hear the cockerell out upon
A farmyard fence
All bite and crunch
Sickenly her guilt
Dipping the head into some sauce
On her floral dress
She spilt
Obnoxiousness and wickedness
And sinfulness and more
On a bed of watercress
The wishbone really for
Her to fucking choke on
The tiny bones to slice
Through her vile intestines
As we throw the dice
Hopeful that in the lavvy
She ruptures her sick bowel
So depraved she then bleeds out
Someone throw her a towel
She was wrapped up in herself
Covetous she be
Crunching on the uncorrupted
Her deliquency
Suffering the bloodied wrench
Of razor bones they say
It took about a half an hour
When she flushed herself away

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