The guilty
And criminality
Riding up on horseback
Wanting to win a race
Digging in those rotten heels
Trying to increase the pace
Getting out that whip hand
And thrusting it into
The horses flank
With all ones might
Its what some jockeys do

We all feel pain inflicted
With resolute desire
That is our injustice
No matter how we tire
Of all the work we are given
And then expected to fly
To beat the other racers
If we would rather die
Still the whip is given
Thrashing at our backs
Its vulgar and wrongheaded
And the pain it packs

You see the little jockey
Unwarranted is he
That sting will bring
The enormousness
A bout of agony
Its discriminatory
And so unfair
As weakness sets in we
Slow down getting beaten even harder

Nowadays we are up against it
The food the grass the pain
Its out there in the glyphosate
Weakening again
Our bones they just cant take it
We are neglected more each day
And whipping us to make us run
Means again we pay.

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