The “Thunder”

A Norwegian ship built
A while ago in 1969
Part of The Bandit six Group
With shrewd heads in the line
Were there, hunting and poaching
In the Southern Ocean where
The Patagonia Tooth Fish
Resides and likes to share

That type of environment
Deep in the ice flows
Also known as the Chilean Bass
And consumers reach for prose
To describe the genuine quality
Of what is an Amazing soul
Quite the king amongst the fish
That really takes the role

And has become a champion
And the “Thunder”took them on
Poaching in those stormy seas
A phantom whose aplomb
Was genuinely successful
From the point of view
Of earning a good living
For the Captain and his crew

Clearly they were tough nuts
But others saw the crime
Poaching stocks from Argentina
And elsewhere all the time
Attracted those committed
To the destruction which appeared
And Sea Shepherd took the mantle
Clearly never feared

Found them in the process
And chased them far and wide
1O,OOO miles of Ocean
They wouldn’t be denied
Tenacious at the offset
Certain it was wrong
Taking vast amounts of fish
Which just did not belong

Sea Sheoherd is that
Ready to stand their ground
To chase, to face the music
To harry and to hound
To have that force of argument
That rationality
Cogent and accepting
The confrontational plea

The Tooth Fish is a salmonid
A much sought after soul
Poaching out the quality
Reaching for the goal
And doing it illegally
And, running away
It was all about their theifdom
On any given day

They were up against the Pirate
Who worked another plan
To clear fhe seas of negativity
Because they can
Because they will and did and have
Continued doing things
That rid the world of wrong
By shining light and what that brings
They caught up with the “Thunder”
In the Gulf of Guinea where
The world then watched the poachers burn
Their world turned to despair
For years they had worked their oracle
Criminals aboard
And now they all were sinking fast
And the right got their reward

Cpt Peter Hammastadt
Must have felt that day
A wealtb of satisfaction
Whenever Poachers pay
Their dues however that is done
Right over wrong it feels
That justice really was served at last
As the salty sea reveals

A prize a hulk of wrongness
They may have mocked the Sea
Shepherd and its valiant crew
Cleaning up the environment
In the belief they could
Its hasn’t cut out poaching
Which they knew it never would
But the Tooth Fish at least
Has had a chance to rebuild and to see
That not all pirates hearts are cold
And filled with infamy

SEA SHEpherd an organization of warriors who champion causes
And protect OCEAN all over the world.
They are a fabulous force of volunteers breathing courage and justice
In their fight against evil and injustice.

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