The Avebury Angel

I hear theres an angel
In Avebury
We know its a wonderful place
Standing stones Long Barrows
Ditches and hills
Stukelys geometry
A place of grace

And favour
Of angles and passages too
And, the old stables
And the post office who
Works there dear
thoughtful and
A Soul with a big heart
And an aura to share

I mislaid my phone
And somebody found
And took it to Tina
It was there on the ground
Somebody getting
The wonderful vibes
A poet a painter
One of the scribes

Took it to Tina
Who telephoned me
And so I have my phone back
And I am happy
Whoever it was
Thoughtful and kind
With loads of integrity
And a good mind

Who knew I would worry
And thought It would be
A wonderful gesture
To return it to me
Stone circles, geometry
Ley lines and more
Clearly some love
Who could, wish for more

The old stables
The post office
Magically they
Returned my phone
And of course made my day

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