Taking life for granted

Deprivation, being elsewhere
An empty space alone
Nobody to talk to
Your seeds have all been sown
Lacking, wanting, needing
Vacant, void, inane
Outside the frost is bitter
It just feels insane

In the grip of loneliness
Not a face in sight
Bleak and feeling desolate
It just isn’t right
The one love that you are happy
With nobody know where
She is, she could be miles away
Hence the rich despair

Lock down under lock an key
A prison for your soul
The biosphere is sleeping too
You feel it in your core
The happiness of people
Friends, people you know
They are in their bubbles
As all our troubles grow

Fear is spread like peanut butter
Thickly across our world
Very little movement
In our cocoons we’re curled
Awake to all the energies
Stifled sent away
Tears are falling everywhere
Soundlessness in sway

An Enforced hush
Even a mouse
Or finch we do not hear
Such stillness its uncanny
If you could just appear
Your lovely smile
Your gracefulness
That engaging charm
In the lap of loneliness
I will not come to harm

But its my honest sanity
The loneliness i feel
It penetrates my heart and soul
It honestly is real
Lost Deep in the forest
Shadows come and go
I miss the breath of others
But in thoughts i love you so

To all my friends ailing at this time

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