Taiji and its continual abhorrent drives

Hour after hour
Day after day
Month after month
The same selfish way
Year after year
Pod after pod
Complete family trees
Who swim with their god

Those who watch captures
Recording the sight
Of capture selection
And killing
Whats right
About all this confusion
All of this pain
The stress and the illusion
And more and more strain

And what do we say
Tell your friends not to buy
A ticket to watch
Dolphins and why
Theme Parks continue to open
And sell
The dolphins experience
Which is pure hell

Taiji carries on ever richer
And she
Is causing such stress
To the community
Huge pods are tackled
Driven and lost
Some are turned back
And what has been the cost

Its a terrible venture
The sophistry here
Deception and falseness
Really its clear
Artfulness employed
Selection and more
The family tree lost
The agony raw

So much sharp practice
And duplicity
The fisherman really
Are threateningly
Changing the make up
Increasing the pain
The stress is no less
Its again and again

And what are we doing
Recording it all
Selecting for coaching
Releasing a call
Breaking up families
And every day
Causing great stress
And making them pay

But not really helping
To stop all of this
Witnessing chaos
I’d rather miss
This evil intent
These untruths every day
Why cant we act
And send them away

For me its denial
And unbelief
The greatest challenge
Actual relief
The pods they are suffering
The rigours are there
Driving and frightening
And getting no where

Then wiping out families
The stress that must cause
The fishermen past masters
They will not pause
They are making their killing
And saving their day
Selection for profit
And sending away

The grieving families
An offence to the eyes
It really is tastelessness
And it defies
Logic and thoughtfulness
Watching and seeing
Recording snd frustrating
Every human being

And where is it getting us
Purely frustration
Taiji carries on
In its own clear elation
Making its profit
Selling its slaves
A bunch of knaves

Get away with this
Hourly and daily they do
Recorded they are famous
All this is true
The Dolphin Project
Imagines it does
Make a difference
But honestly
Where is the buzz

So many broken hearts
And so much pain
The cove sees such blood
Again and again
Kidnap and slaughter
The slave trade on fire
Over and over
Its still is as dire

And then human beings
Are suffering too
It makes for good reading
but what does it do
In reality nothing
The project appears
To be their recording
All our gravest of fears

The tears and emotion
The sadness each day
The terror and agony
In every way
What sort of project
Is whose might I ask
Who witnesses sickness
And the ugliest ask

Stop recording and stop the slave trade

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