Stone Henge

Grant Shapps
He is no mystic
No Druid, Witch
Not he
He approved a two mile
Under the stones
And we
Sit back and gaze at the
Neolithic grandeur as we pass
The henge
Known the world over
And most can’t see the farce

This so called politician
A tory who no doubt
Will now go down in history
For the bull shit that most spout
The treasures and the artifacts
The streams of consciousness
The age old wisdom
Spells and souls
The magick yes no less

Who wants, a dual carriageway
Beneath the vital ness
The prehistoric masons
Will they ever get redress
For the arrogance and ignorance
Where Bucket loads there be
Once the builders settle in
Where myths and legends key
To all,the solid history
That surely there abounds
Sarson’s some think vinegar
As mystery surrounds
This site, this neolithic
This glorious treasure trove that be
So truly in its ancestral self
A place of utter sanctuary

And then the niobium vehicles
Charged with native sweat
Money out of another idiom
And another countries debt
The blood of the young whipper snappers
Karmically enraged
Along with squalor about the dollar
And deities engaged
Tantalum and columbite
All words from far away
A revolution coming
In The Congo people say
The 303 was chock a block
As were “black streams” where
Hideous atrocities
Attracted this despair

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