Spanish Pigs

A lack of understanding
With animal husbandry
Pigs are very sensitive
But are treated abhorrently
The Meat Trade are the Killing trade
Living souls all die
They are fattened up for profit
And honestly thats why

Unscrupulousness abounds alas
And unconscientiousness belies
The evil that is evident
For me its no surprise
Cramming pigs in small spaces
Goes against their grain
They don’t dump where they eat
And live
To think so is insane

But go to Spain and go into
Their pig farms
Crammed in tight they eat and dump
And lie
With no sweat glands and wanting
To grub out in the woods
And build their nests
You have to wonder why

Farming takes what is an economic stance
Space and freedom isn’t what they get
Its against their nature
To be sardines in a can
In dark sweaty shit holes
They are set
Its shameful and disgraceful
And unnatural for the pigs
Tortured left to die
And rot and they
Will be eaten by the rabble
It happens
And in Spain apparently
Its everyday

Vast areas of excrement
And bodies
Death is all around them
So we see
So the EU says that they have higher
It seems to me that they
Don’t have a clue

Chorizo tenderloin
And Lard is what they will become
Sold all over Europe
Yea would you like some
Flyblown injured
Animals suffering like hell
Living in their pits of shit
And its selling well

Because everyone believes the hype
Its the great EU
With inspectors chasing pigs around their sty’s
Thats what they do
But really its a shit hole
Its filthy and its rank
And all they really care about
Is money in the bank

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