Trafalgar Square
The Lions
Protestors we could see
Remembering Dear Cecil
And all that imagery
That awful cowardly dentist
That bow shot him
And ran
back to drink his heart out
Thats how it all began

A trophy hunter
The day we met
Remember that
And we
Are still connected
In the fight
Against all the tragedy
Of course I write
For animals
Each day
The wildness needs protecting
The stories bring dismay
But we are truly warriors
Not worries we fight
Taking darkness by the scrufF
And turning it to light

Sharon you are a darling
Your support, it is a gift
On twitter trolls attack me
But the likes of you, they lift
My spirit to keep trying
Keep writing day and night
Fighting inhuman behaviour
And fighting for what is right

Thank you for all you do for human and Animal rights
You are a champion and a lovely friend

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