Thinking of souls this gentleman
Wild as the afternoon sun
An elephant of stature
Whose shadow clearly won
Respect of other wild souls
A regent in his way
Deliberate and experienced
In his movement through each day
Exacerbated with fences
Playing with his stress
His lamentation few could hear
His patience sadly less
Goodwill was not apparent
Too many hunters there
Threatening his existence
And increasing his despair

Water was his true desire
His established paths were barred
The frustrated of these humans
The unforgiving stars
With scant respect for elephants
Complaining all the while
Whistles spears and shouting
Being seen as vile
No concept of approval
They call him by the name
Of “riff raff”commonality
A nuisance and a shame

Insensitive to decency
And true morality
A real lack of realisation
Of how things ought to be
Why not see him as an elder
Judge him on his size
Not condemn him for his pathways
Based on futile lies

Limpopo and the government
Decided, that he
Really was a hopeless case
A nuisance, actually
Ancestral tracks
And water holes
If made through farmers lands
The constancy of fences
And other major plans

Leaves the mature mind set
What was their hallowed ground
Sublime and somewhat mystical
For all those that abound
Sharing land with humans
With malevolent intent
Unable to imagine
What is the creature’s bent
And the coming ugliness
The hideosity
The punishment was shoot him dead
Thats how it had to be.

And are the native more content
Karma will set the stall out for their future
And if its bleak then good I say

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