Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet
With oceans that present
Seventy one per cent of what we have here
And we have spent
A lot of man years ruining
The land mass and the sky
And ruining the oceans too
No word of a lie

The hydrosphere is wondrous
5 Mighty Oceans roll
The Pacific and the Atlantic
And the Indian the soul
The Southern and the Arctic
some seventy one per cent
Of what we have upon this globe
Of ours, and our intent

Is apparently to ruin
By our very size
Feed our people on its fish
But fail to realise
Some countries they are landlocked
And others serve and sell
But the criminals are in the pot
And serve themselves as well

North Korea is one such place
Its rust buckets are found
Around the coasts of Russia and Japan
Clearly are bound
For poaching every species
With illegality
a ramshackle
Ghost armada
And drift nets floating free

Causing massive problems
To divers and to those
Species that come anywhere
Near them for they pose
Dangers in so many ways
Contravening any law
A deathtrap for all comers
That no one dare ignore

They are running on mendacity
Faking every hour
Beguiling and defiling
Orchestrating their own power
The Russian Middle East
And in other oceans too
We see illegal fishing
Piggy backing ships on view

Using satellite imaging
Anyone can see
What the Koreans are doing
Its plunder terribly
Poaching other countries resource
And most of all
Selling it to China
Yes across the wall

Most you see unwilling
To follow all the rules
Everyone is cheating
Taking us for
By different degrees they are at it
And of course the poor
The Indigenous are suffering
And the oceans more and more

The disabled fishing gear
Is just thrown into the sea
The rotten nets and netting
Killing yes they be
Catching so many creatures
Who miserably die
We rape and pillage everything
And thats the reason why

Wickedness and iniquity
The order of each day
Dirty tricks and outrage
And all of us now pay
It really is distressing
For creatures big and small
And All things bright and beautiful
The Lord god made them all

We might have sung at Sunday School
The rafters might have heard
The choral soundings echoing
And every tiny bird
Tweeting in the high trees
Into a raging sky
But we sit back and watch it all
As gods own souls now die

Polluted with our plastic
With our nylon with our paint
All these hooks such weaponry
It leaves me feeling faint
Its insidious how injurious
And so few seem to care
Fisherman just throw it overboard
So unaware

And everyone is suffering
And if this goes on some more
The hundreds and hundreds of species
Feel the extent of war
230,000 in all live down below
Trying to hold it together
To live and still hopefully grow
But its getting ever difficult
We fail to see the light
We are all out for each other
And the future is less than bright

And everyones a victim
The sea is crimson red
Where our eyes cant reach my friends
So many souls lie dead
Screaming streaming blood and guts
Hanging on harpoons
Riddled with our plastic
We can now thanks all the goons

Science paid by corporates
Who willingly sell their soul
Obnoxiousness and rottenness
Disrupts and does control
What is cringeworthy to see
The villainous the lamentable
Who be
Counting up their bank notes
Insufferable my plea
And all the while the ocean cries
To a deplorable degree

Just writing this and thinking
Channelling the grief
My eyes are sore with salty tears
Its beyond belief
How arrogant the world is
How ignorant as well
We were given HEAVEN
And we turned it into HELL

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