Our precious Kangaroo

In 30 years some 90 million
Kangaroo’s have lost their life
Shot to death by shooters
At night, whilst feeding
So much extra strife

Australia’s National Symbol
Wild animals they be
God put them
on this continent
Surrounded by the sea

Welfare there are problems
Shooters are a pain
Working for
the MEAT trade
Dead flesh yes again

Leather shoes and footballs
Who needs the Kangaroo
Australia’s National Symbol
Its what the people do

Listen to the great cabal
Who have the grey suits backs
Who control the dead flesh trade
And welcome the attacks

They truly are Iconic
Only a god could have made
An animal so perfect
And upon this land have laid

Their karmic debt forever
80,000 years
Along with the Aboriginies
And of course all of our tears

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