My little dryad friend

A tree nymph I once met
Who lived in an old oak tree
She told me she was greek
They are shy, normally
I told her I had three names
Rex william artemis
And she was just drawn to me
And Really that was bliss

Then she said
you’ve gone and done it
Done what
I said pray tell
You forgot
the great QUEENS birthday
Susan Dexter
you know well
I don’t know
what she is going to do
And you a druid too
So you better get crackin
Before the morning dew
Comes around to wet the earth
Write something MR BARD
Or I will send the Beetle bands
Who will come down on you hard

From your friends claudia

and REX

2 comments on “My little dryad friend

  1. Susan Dexter on said:

    I love this Rex, thank you so much. XX

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