Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation
And commercial fishing sees
Conflict and improbity
And what is dishonesty
The Sea Birds like the Albatross
Endangered and At risk
Are being slaughtered daily
In the killing fields
Death’s brisk

Out there on the ocean
Its perilous, the sea
Is fraught with every kind of
Fright, the weather menacingly
Tips the scales and threatens
All purposeful desire
At filling up the ocean holds
And pulling in the wire

Long lining for Tuna
And Swordfish it creates
A great deal of pressure
All working at rates
Of knots and up against it
The weather and the swell
And they have an undertaking
Really to do things well
Its true they are laying traps
For 40 miles or so
Baited hooked and waiting
For whats swimming down below
Really massive Swordfish
And Tuna coming too
And there appears an inclination
To cheat thats what some do

Cutting beaks of Sea birds
Who live in the terrain
With as much right on this gods earth
To share, it is insane
Of fishermen to cut off their beaks
And toss them there to die
Slowly, painfully tragically
The endangered from the sky

Its misuse of equipment
Its warlike and its wrong
Its absolutely evil
It just does not belong
In any sphere or ethic
Its violence to the core
A bludgeoning diplomacy
Based on blood and gore
Its selfish and its lacking
In understanding where
So much depends on sharing
And truefully to care
For each other and for wildness
Avarice won’t do
Murder on the high seas
I have no wish to queue
In line behind the felons
The half hearted uninspired
Their harassment and their stalking
All viciously hard wired

These spiteful callous ruffians
For that is all they are
They have courage and they sacrifice
Their humanity and scar
The planet and its children
Their ill will it clearly does
Bring upon the industry
A truly abusive buzz

The sea birds are up against it
They are out there in the wild
Up against the God forces
Constantly defiled
Reduced to weakened infants
In strong winds and in tide
Justice may seem wanting
And improper down inside
By-catch is a problem
With 40 miles of hooks
For me it is disgraceful
And thats exactly how it looks

All of GODS wild forces
Competing for their fair
Should not be murdered by us
We should be more aware
Setting out to go criminal
Is totally unjust
Nobody gets my sympathy
Only mean disgust

The cruelty is savage
The agony the pain
The frustration of losing one’s beak
Fills me with disdain
Fishermen you bring down upon you
The inexcusability
Every kind of grievance
That there could ever be
These are endangered species
So your profitability
Is waging war and skirmish
With Karma and illegitimacy

Its such woeful behaviour
Your duty is to be
Bounden to the environments
Which in your case is the sea
Unwilling then to safeguard
And respect the wondrous birds
Is irreverence dishonour
And really there are no words

To describe what you are capable of
Throughout their family tree
Partners wiped out waiting
The whole family
Lost down to your selfishness
Your very short sighted ways
Scant respect for the living
Honestly it plays

Sharply into your futures
Your loftiness won’t do
Its opportunism and artfulness
This much is coming through
Just concern your selves
With the sea birds with the fish
And by catch they
All were given life by God
And you arses took away

The faith the troth the constancy
Yes you took it all
The ocean and the wayward skies
The ambitions that you call
Out when killing wild birds
In your unworthy way
Remember they are innocent
But still you made them pay

And all of this for the TUNA, SWORD FISH and Halibut.
And presumably all the by-catch

SEA SHEPHERD works tirelessly helping to save the environment
In the oceans and elsewhere.

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