Janis Joplin

Port Arthur Texas
That was the place
Where Janis saw the light
A baby in her mother’s arms
And so began her fight
Inhibited in Monterey
On stage she burst
And she
Was twenty Four
And very sure
And her presence
All could see
The pop festival was busy
And she sang her heart out there
Ebullient and dramatic
Flambuoyant and aware
Open, she was real
She a mezzo soprano
All that verve and all that passion
There was nothing to conceal

She smoked she drank
She got the buzz
Loneliness her thing
So up there on that stage
She belted out
Her blues her rock her swing
Her life was charged and
Her love festooned
With dreams
At the Landmark she was bored
To death
And could hear those inner screams
Plagued with high emotion
She resonated high
And her candy man came by that day
He would surely leave her high
She depended on his good
She had been clean a while
But he gave her uncut heroin
Which she couldn’t reconcile
The differences
Her new love one John Cooke
She was hopeful she’d get married
But finally felt that hook
Of happiness but sadly
The heroin and all
And she died in 1970
Her genius did rule
Hopeful of a silver lining
Into the spot lights tossed

A spirit off to Heaven
A lonely journey she
Would sing away the blues each night
Its where she had to be
Fronting giving everything
Exploding through her pain
Sorely missed by all her fans
Who shared that purple rain

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