Hunters sicken me

Scotland in the wilds
A peaceful true serenity
And hunters lie awaiting
A herd of deers who be
Coming down the rock face
In real flight fine and free
And these hunters who should be locked up
Not down if you ask me

Words heard like “fantastic”
“Very well done” it peeves
Me to hear the wickedness
What one bullet achieves
Is tantamount to torture
They stand and watch it die
Cut down in its prime
My question really why

The futility of god given life
Struck down in a trice
They are evil bastards
Nothing about them nice
Rotten to the very core
Obnoxiousness they be
Watching a animal dying in pain
Such vile cruelty

It breaks my heart to see this
The wretchedness on show
Cut down with your brothers and sisters
They all know
Villainous and deplorable
They believe they have the right
To stand there and just murder souls
Who were actually in flight

Scotland be ashamed of them
Take their licences away
I would like to see this bastard
With a bullet let him say
“Fantastic” “well done” criminal
As his life saps away
Hunters are the lowest of the low
And need to pay.

How come he is not in lockdown not distancing
Get Sturgeon on the case

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