Gressingham DUCKs


Shamefulness disgrace
Drives around the place

Watching operatives argue
Unethically they be
Inglorious and unworthy
These poor ducks such cruelty
Shackled most unflatteringly
Cruel beyond all care
Rammed with force
Dragged by their wings
And guaranteed despair

What a way to end up
After a watery life
To be consigned to this hell hole
A place where so much strife
Is evident and obvious
Deprived of love and thought
The wicked all around you
Ready to be bought

For Christmas for celebration
The thought of peaceful lakes
Bullrushes and serenity
And here all of the fakes
Around this vile contraption
This evil sinful way
Of torturing and murdering
The innocent each day

And as for the RED TRACTOR
The confidence that brings
The quacking and the smacking
As they all flap their wings
Screaming with such woefulness
The suffering so bad
As for eating dead ducks
You would have to be mad

Dead flesh just imagine that
When dying in such pain
All those moments of agony
Watching as they drain
On creative miracles
On this godly fair
Begging for their angels
For someone just to care

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