Its absolutely disgusting
For a country
To have the cheek to call
Their so called trade
Farming it is harming
All who work within its auspices
Morally its wicked
And now laid
Firmly on your shoulders
the criminality
Its spiteful and unnatural
And nauseatingly
Upsetting to all wild life
Lovers around the world
Destruction of a species
The flags of hell unfurled

Little cubs removed from mothers
And humanised its sick
Supporting the canned hunting
You just don’t miss a trick
Then exporting LION BONES
To the Far East
Where they are sold
As tiger cake its all a fake
Confounding young and old
They should be growing produce
To feed the Nations who
See that of the farmers
Instead what you now do
Is abuse the land god gave you
Blood and guts and pain
Its injurious and damaging
To South Africa’s rich terrain

Your animals are your heritage
Gods gift to you all
And using them for sacrifice
The great Kings hear them call
Their mighty roar’s at even time
Obliterated by drugging them up
In prisons where many lay and die
South Africa these criminals
Have to be closed down
There is nothing good about them
In blood and guts they drown
Canned and trophy hunting
Is evil through and through
And unless you close these rotters down
It will all come back on you

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