Dolores O’Riordan

She was so special
One of a kind
Leading the Cranberries
A wondrous find
A mezzo soprano
A lyricist too
A real personalty
Goodly and true

She was born in Limerick
In seventy One
An exceptional pitch
And a yodel she spun
Her stories her words
She captured them all
From a working class fsmily
She rose to be tall

She played lots of gigs
Was respected was she
Fronted a band
Reputed to be
Moved by the moment
Loved very much
And what a tragedy
One that was such

An accident really
A warm bath where she
Relaxed and passed on
She will be remembered
For the glorious way
She sang from the heart
In her pure Irish way

2 comments on “Dolores O’Riordan

  1. From another island, Mallorca, I will always remember his goodness, his talent and his charisma. Dolores, above all, was a good person, and that is important to me when it comes to admiring a famous person.

    Yes, she is the only famous person I have ever ladmired, and I still do.

    Every day, in every possible way.

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