Cross River Gorillas

Critically endangered
Up against the odds
The Cross River Gorllas
Created by their gods
To roam the Nigerian
The rarest ape on earth
A podcast to 4 million
Helping to bring their worth
To the people really
Engaged in logging there
Engaged in reducing their habitat
And building roads
For where
The dense green forests
Still exist
The people must ensure
They do not kill for bushmeat
And That we must insure

Bushmeat is a problem
These beasts are very rare
Only 300 of them left
And we must see that we share
Our world with these fine creatures
Whatever else we do
Listen to the podcast
And realise how true

My GOrillA my commentary
Mongabay is where
These animals live quietly
And because they are very rare
The need is now to protect them
Show them lots of care
Extinction is so final
So I beg if you beware

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