A stag in the bag

Leaping agility
Down through the heather
A sprint whose creation
Offers the spirit
Of being with family
Together fleetness and fleeing
Into the sea, taste the salt
Crisp and dry
Swift fast and rapidly
Under a sky
Of crisp blue enamel
The sea cold and grey
Together we dream
As we plunged on our way

A shot I could hear it
And, felt it too
It entered my body
And it went straight through
A darkness was coming
My blood spilled away
A pang of finality
Nothing to say
Just to make for the bank
Just to struggle and strive
Bleeding needing
Am I alive

They were gone in a instant
Hooves flashing away
Nobody looked back
Just clouds of spray
Somewhere over yonder
The hunters were waiting
I just about saw them
Always was hating
Ambush for from far away
Gleefully there
Must get myself onto the bank
One last prayer

The bastards they watched me
They knew I was hit
In an agonised dance
The light in me lit
No more i was dying
Reaching the shore
That was it
I was gone
I was no more

A stag in their bag
Bleeding fast very raw.

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