Where did humanity go

Its out there
It ravages through time
Its now all on the line
Humanity has sunken
To depths perverted by
And really every lie
The unskillfulness
The totally unendowed
Belligerence and aggression
Its all been overpowered

The animals they suffer
The poor they suffer too
The women and the children
The Indigenous all through
Anybody different
Inflicted by the scourge
The circumstance each burden
What has become an urge
To palliate and temper
The age old passion to
Live in ones ascendance
Letting freedom not change you

There are too many under dogs
Underlings who are
Suffering the vagaries
And Every kind of scar
that permeates our being
That takes so much away
That beats us up and leaves Us feeling
And far away

Humanity lies ruptured
In the bloodlust and we feel
The ever emerging darkness
And misery for real
Suffering is widespread
Among the animals who
live Their lives in wild ferment
As so many do

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