The Tongass an infinite Wilderness

Eternity a fact of life
The Tongass is to where
The souls and eyes do manifest
And enduring place to share
Genuine and attested
As ancient as one can be
Trees that sunk their roots
800 years ago
And who be
majestic and creative
The history was theres
Deep rooted and essential
Like everlasting prayers

Unbelievable forestry
Mountains wondrous lakes
So blue a treasure and so why
Would anyone seek reasons
To tear it all apart
To log it snd to build in roads
And break our mothers heart

Glaciers and rising fjords
Scintillating hues
Wildlife finds its homelands
The Indigenous the news
Of Trump clear cutting
Many trees
To gain himself some light
Throw away the ancientness
And tell folk not to fight

Everywhere such besuty
god made and GOD exclaims
The rigour and the ugliness
Our planet dies in flames
Everything about this placs
Is magic everywhere
The trees with all their splendour
Trump must see us there

His frantic soul arresting
Get his old heart still
Think about the wildlife
Try to feel that thrill
Shreik for all the goodness
That God has put around
And leave tongass well alone
For here is where I am bound

To desire this wondrous planet
The humpbacks and the trees
Its has its identity
And with every breath Agrees
The oxygen supported
The carbon and the taste
Of heaven now beneath your feet
Do not destroy in haste

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