Nordstrom across all its lines

Compunction and compassion
Are an order of the day
Benevolence and gentleness
Creates a bright new ray
Of optimism true charity
Of feeling from the heart
And for fashion stores to adopt
This strategy is a good start

Down the road where understanding
Of a freedom for those souls
trapped and caged and brutalised
Under poor controls
the long suffering of gods creatures
Those with fur and skin
Our forbearance and our clemency
Can only really win

Wearing clothes containing
Dead parts of those souls
Who wildly stalk the wilderness
In their respective roles
All part of the biosphere
Of Nature all a gift
To appreciate not to slaughter
This is a positive drift

Away from animal cruelty
A baseness that became
Frighteningly savage
It was never a game
Hunting trapping murdering
Families everywhere
We have an obligation
To put an end to despair

Nordstrom we must thank you
Teri Bariquit
Chief Merchandising Officer
For truthfully where you sit
Realising their blessings
Their values and their pain
And doing something vital
For everybody’s gain

The fur trade was and is a very
Cruel and upsetting place
It Utilised the villains
Who were quite a disgrace
Misunderstanding the Natural World
And how all claimed a part
How slaughtering the innocent
Was not good for the heart

How kindness and indulgence
Benefit humanity
How toleration and forgiveness
Are in fact such quality
Suffering and severity
Turning a blind eye
To corruption and disruption
In a blinking of the eye

Refusing just to hear their screams
Many many cried
The Victims of the fur and leather trade
Have been denied their place
Beside Their god we had restrained them, we
Chose to violate their souls
And do it callously

Again to all those fashion houses
Bringing in the light
Taking steps to remedy
What has been the blight
The tragedy of tragedies
tonight I say its true
From the bottom of my heart
That this poem is for YOU

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