My Hazel Staff

Poetry and intuition
Thats my Hazel staff
An affinity with water
From ancient woodland

as olde
As One Methusela
Mercury its deity
Its gender being masculine
Ruled by the sun
Where heat is free

Good for wands
And divining
Before the day be done
Of course in time immemorial
Artemis and Thor
Anti lightning
And protection
Good wishes evermore

Fashioned by Tim the woodsman
No idle fellow, He
The power of Lonicera
The HONEYSuckle be

Also gender masculine
Element the earth
Ruled by the planet Jupiter
Psychic power gives birth

Grow it over the entrance door
To keep fevers at bay
Good against the covid 19
Not something Hancock would say

If only he had any sense
Not that robotic will
I love my staff
And its healing parf
Where its filberts surely spill

Taken with love and affection
High standing and honour
For ever more

For your skill for your effort
Dear Tim I am surely indebted to you

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