John Chang

The year was 1950
A busy Newcombe Road
A really handsome curio shop
The Chang family abode
Still Part of the British Empire
Imagine that can you
King George V1 the King of Kings
Actually its true
From 1946 to 1957
A British Crown Colony
A little place in Heaven
And from it came this ten pound hunk
Bawling having had
His backside smacked
To wake him up
Such a bonny little lad
A mop of the purest ebony
A cherub of a soul
Lots of eyes were on his case
Its where he took his role
Forward, Yes, he was baby
But one day would surely be
Someone, in this metropolis
In the twentieth Century

In the first year of the decade
Of the fifties
A real engaging family
At his feet
He got into the bible
Pretty early
He a metal tiger
In the street
A child of heaven May be
But he a Libran too
With loads of imagination
To re invent its true
A desire to build a family
An acceptance for life
And what a charisma
His magnetism
Shuts out strife

A Handful for his mother
But she was a stalwart soul
Up to all his antics
She realised his goal
Not afraid of anyone
A Honey Badger he
Got himself in trouble
But emerged victoriously

His base was tough
And he went for things
Nothing could hold him back
A Libran Metal Tiger
Will always take some flack
But woe be tide an attacker
They will always be
Astounded by his composure
And his constancy
Loves to impress easy going
An eye for detail he
Is experimental
In how he likes to be
The 42nd Thursday
YES He Had a way to go
and clearly Watford
Was a long long way
That much we know
When he Left the bustle of Jalan Munshi Abdullah
And found a house he managed apparently
But of course it wasnt easy
His sister was here
But he was independent
And he worked hard that was clear
He was going to make it
A Landlord why not he
And he Soon got on the housing ladder
All done purposefully

He wasnt expecting handouts
Thats not how you make it here
Its graft and being far from daf’t
Keeping the noddle clear
Knowing what your objectives are
With everything on the line
The experience the musculature
Just really feeling fine
Getting into Uni
On his own back he
Didn’t have an easy time
He lived dangerously
Thats the Honey Badger
That mentality
You don’t get nowt for nothing
Its his actuality

He lives he gives he shares he dares
He gets tired, we all do
But he has what it takes
The fakes, he can see right through
Building your own business
In a far off land
Its done with verve and spirit
Which a lot don’t understand
And things are Far from easy
Still to this very day
Its bloody hard with lockdowns
And furloughs, so I say
Kai Yong life feels successful
You have your health its true
You Have a family and properties
but its been hard for you

Its good your a metal Tiger
Who Has great power within
But it takes its toll on the senses
And at seventy The chin
After so many years of knocks and punches
Needs to feel
Some payback from the children
Who have copped a splendid deal

Now you need to rest a while
Its a struggle everyday
And your children need to step up now
And help you find a way
To relax more, to be calmer
They need to Stand their ground
Your life has been a success John
On what is your merry-go- round

Happy Birthday to you
And many more Ahead

A poem for a brother in law on his 70th

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