I dont know
A right
For so called hunters
To murder little cubs
Out in the light
There is Something really rotten
About the kind of guys
That shoot up little babies
And do not realise

What is such abject terror
Wrongheadedness and more
These are little babies
Their innocence through the floor
Hunting culpability
Discriminatory as well
Idaho you just don’t know why
You are going to hell

Unworthy, of living
My displeasure is you
Have earned it your Whole lifetime
And what I Would like to do
It stick your fat arse in a trap
And listen to you cry
Idaho you have to know
That thats the reason why

The world outside detests
The fact
That you lots murder cubs
Niggling karping arse holes
Really that action rubs
Us up the very wrong way
And if we had the chance
We would ban you forever
No song and no dance

Its you you violent murderers
Of babies from the wood
Murdering these little cubs
How can that feel good
The shamefulness apparent
The corruptibility
The evil and the vileness
And deep depravity

Idaho you have to know
By your action you
Have won a place in the furnace
The devil with you too
To hold your tiny hunting hand
And kick you in the balls
Idaho I want you to know
You are breaking all my rules

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