Hares and coursing

malignancy and malice
Amongst the coursing who
spitefully use the flat lands
To do what they must do
Exercise their greyhounds or their
Sitehounds in the way
Of chasing hares at special fairs
Passing the time of day

Hunting killng murdering
To turn a hare they say
Takes one back to the ancient times
In pursuit every day
Wth sIght not scent
Testing the hound
Who runs for all its worth
And turnS a hare with nout to spare
Down on planet earth

In County Tipperary
A lot of dosh is made
Gamblers come from near and far
To join the great parade
Of murdering scum bags chasing
A most magical of Hare
What makes men great
IS being more aware

Its illegal under the HUNTNG Act
From 2004
2011 In Northern Ireland
But in Eire tHere is more
Coursing on the flat lands
An unholy time Of joy
A bevy in your tummy
And some Hares now To destroy

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