To the miserly mean
To those so obscene
Pigs are a miracle
In every way
Cleaner than white
Brighter than bright
But in our concentration camps
Scrimping and pinching
Moths in Their wallets
Ungenerous grasping
Snorting and screaming
And choking and rasping
Its false economy
Turning the angels
Into the cannibals
eating each other
Prolapse everywhere
Flyblown into HELL
Pigs are a miracle
Whiter than white
A few months they begin
To see day as night
No where to nest
No where to dump
No where to be a pig
No where at all

Its the EU
Where the standards are high
No chlorination just before they die
Drag them down into the shit
That they pass
With bloody great prolapses
That hang from their arse
Where blue bottles settle
And grubs appear
This is the bacon you are eating
My dear

You like it crispy
It came from France
The greatest EU
So you have got the chance
To hear the weird screeching
Of pigs trying to say
We are not the dirty
Its you all the way

I look at their faces
And into their eyes
They are begging me
Pleading, thats about the size
How monopolistc and niggardly we
measure out food for these angels
Who’d flee
faster their wings
Flapping painfully so
As Our covetous farmers
Bank balances grow

This poem sickens me to have to write it to appeal to some of you
Who still eat their weary and tortured bodies

I ave no compassion for you only for the PIGS

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