Elephants of OLUVIC

Wickedness is everywhere
Sri Lanka sees its so
When elephants are foraging
On rubbish tips we know
When SRI Lankans stoop to Hakka Patas
Is it any wonder we
Witness so many horrors
From wild elephants
Still free

Eating micro plastics
And non digestive polythene
It truly is ungodliness
Malevolence the great machine
Of humanity trasgresses
Dumping waste into
The jungle where wild animals
Will join the feast its true

Wrong doing it is everywhere
Such impropriety
Human beings throw away
These plastics frighteningly
Are causing vile diseases
And they Won’t breakdown
Not for 500 years or more
In this shit we all drown

Corporations creating
Their scars now left to be
Oil based chemical violence
For all the world to see
Miscreants are everywhere
Unworthy graceless freaks
Tossing single use plastic
Where Pollution then just wreaks
Havoc every which way
Its nefarious to see
And the guiltlessness of wildness
Become victims tragically

Habitat loss from humans
Dumps left everywhere
Even in pristine jungle location
I despair
The monstrous evil flagrancy around
As ignorant as the day is long
We are all being drowned
In the most dangerous chemicals
And these elephants are too
Starving poor things
Undefiled and unfallen
It is true

Thirty ir forty elephants
rummaging around
hopeful of a meal
just lying on the ground
Debauched depraved disasters
Complicit to the crimes
So many cheats and liars
The sign of the times

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