Dairy is dead on arrival

Dairy is dead on arrival
Lame and in agony we
Give birth the calves
That are kidnapped
Raped were we indifferently
The farmers are sweaty and smelly
Boils on their arses there be
And a willy hidden by their belly
Dead on arrival thats me

Dairy is dead on arrival
Life on the farm its is short
Beaten and kicked and dosed up
With pills
Stuck inside all the time
No more of Natures thrills
No more the rich grasses
The sunshine we feel
On our backs no more comfort
Nothing is real

Just rolls of barley
left out in the field
Attracting the Badgers
Who rapidly weild
Their claws and Their Aura
And frighten us so
For the farmers will shoot them
As well we all know

They have no idea
About wildness and so
Rather attract them
Than fence them off
Low and behold setting
Fodder attracting them
Are guilTy of ignorance
Every day

Dairy is cruel
They are killer for sure
Our calves and our wild friends
Its just like a war
We are sent off to the death camps
As well
Milk veal and leather
Your creatures of HELL

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