Born in HELL

From torment
The abyss and the inferno
They came
THe Malevolent spirits
To always inflame
The hearts of the angels
The punishing gang
The cuadrila Of wickedness
Each scaffold should hang
Every vile matador
Just let him swing
With his murdering ways
That tragically bring
Bulls To their knees
Coughing up red
Stabbed every which way
And then through the head
The ugliest agony
Anyone sees
The matador flat out
With his broken knees
Flattened one hopes
By the great charging beast
Ripped inside out
I dont care a least
these wicked infidels
Hell raising scum
Need to reach agony
Quickly and some
Measure of panic
Of wickedness eyes
The beast who at least
Then does realise
This satin arsed effeminate creep
Whose iniquitous heart
The bulls horns should reap

Ungodliness improbity
Depraved and more
So much wrong doing
Like never before
Spain is a shit hole
Its towns eaten by
The maggots and lice
That wriggle and fry

In the hot sun the ring
Where the dead bull has wept
He fought his whole heart out
But ofcourse he was swept
Away by the many with swords
And with picks
Daggers these shaggers
These latino pricks.

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