The obtuse stupidity
Lends one to feel
Unresponsive and passionless
What we reveal
Here is one of the many
Victims alas
A boot on its throat
There is nothing more crass
This is no butty
Its just really smutty
The insensitive violent regime
He is thinking of bacon
A fake who has taken
The life of a pig
And its ghastliest scream
Bleeding and dying
Angst ridden the crying
Reaches the heart and the soul
Woeful and sad
Lost to tHe world
A bloated miasma
Harshness and roughness
Ruefully hurled
A darkness is coming
A curse to the numbing
A dispirited death wish
Depression despair
A dutiful end
To a friend from the old days
Who came for a moment
Trapped and absconded
And was tortured right there

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