Sage (salvia officianalis)

Of masculine gender
Where Jupiter rules
Element air
Immortality calls
Longevity too
Wisdom it’s there
Eat it every day
And just feel aware

Carry it in your bag
And the evil eye
You won’t have to worry
Wave it good bye
Toads love it’s aura
They come and do play
Write on a leaf
All that you want to say
Leave it under your pillow
For at least three whole nights
If you would dream of her
Then all your lights
Will come on forever if not
Bury fast
Deep in the ground
Let your sweet love be cast
If you have a big plot
Then add something too
For sage brings ill luck
That’s Honestly true
Sage coupled with onions
It’s warming embrace
Seemingly Yule
It showeth it’s face
When frost touches pane
Leaving whiteness galore
Sage brings its majesty
For evermore.

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