No love of the trapper man

Outdoorsman call them what you will
In the U S they
Believe they have refined techniques
To blow the wolves away
They know they are highly intelligent
Much more so than a dog
They are quick to figure out the traps
Rapidly they log
The scent control its their thing
And the use of killer sprays
Can fool a wolf supposedly
Who is wary all his days

This wolf we see
A sad soul
Trapped and left to pain
They really are A wicked lot
Most answer to insane
Not a heart to want to be with
They are hard as nails
And look this bloodied darling
He is really off the rails

I do feel sorry for the wolf
An apex predator who
Probably leaves a mate behind
And some sweet cubs too
These trapper men
Are bastards
They honest begrudgingly
Shame he never trapped himself

And bled out if you ask me.

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