No excuses

The university of Alabama
Mary Shelley and GMO’s
Experimentation with Wild Baboons
And it’s done under our nose
“laja” gets a transplant In January
A kidney from a sow
By Sept dead
9 Months of utter agony and how
The poor soul got so little real attention
It was torture all the way
So many violations
And She was made to pay

Unimaginable pain and distress
MosT of them unqualified
No vet care too I stress
A grisly organ. Transplant
No standards followed here
Expired meds the wrong meds
And nothing there was clear

Everything was falsified
“Woolite”it’s a detergent used
To clean the wounds
Imagine being that Abused
And nobody is caring
A whistleblower said
All those students and teachers
And that baboon lays dead

Murdered by the whole regime
The ugly nasty lot
It just should never be allowed
And the perpetrators shot
They just have no idea of pain
and suffering
A wild baboon had suffered all its days
Already Has a transplanted GM kidney
And then a nine months really brutal Phase

Swollen stomach filled up with some fluids
Suffering each night her cries were heard
and then she perished in a StAte of terror
And nobody really knew what had occured
An illicit op, with, no one body’s scrutiny
After care not existent
And sadly
The poor soul died in agony and torment
They falsified the accounts, all done badly

There is never an excuse for Animal ABUSE

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