No dogs left behind

No dogs left behind
From Florida we
Fight the good fight
And we globally
Rescue rehome
The victims and we
Fight for their right
To live our constancy

We are spread far and wide
Where ever they be
In YULIN we smash cages
Yes constantly
Korea and Japan
The exploited the pained
Squashed into sacks
As their Lives are strained

Every bark
Every whimper
Yes pound to pound
Jeffrey our founder
If fighting the fight
The Chinese.The Koreans
They are a blight
We know and we work
Hard to save everyone
No dogs left behind
To die in the sun

Huskies and Malamutes
All known breeds they
Terriers too
At the end of the day
Are facing the treachery
The mendacious lie
The prevarication
No dogs Left behind
And now you know why

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