There are heartbreaking stories
Happening each day
Dolphins fighting for their lives
Being made to pay
A mother tried to save
Her drowning baby
But both died
The toxic oil is everywhere
It gets in their inside
It’s dreadful to imagine
The sickness that they feel
In a pristine wonderland
Where the Japanese reveal

Their evil and their malevolence
They just don’t bloody care
They are always murdering dolphins
Seemingly unaware
Of how we all adore them
Coral reefs of course
Hold their myriad wonders
And so to see the source

Of everything we fight for
Destroyed By Japanese oil
That the ship is being
Where now is the love
We hear two of the officers
Are being charged for they
Might have caused the collision
And everyone else will pay

In the Indian Ocean
It’s ominous to see
Oil just coating everywhere
It’s a menace, naturally
They truly are wrong doers
Scoundrels of the sea
Their hearts as hard a teak wood
Unmoved they seem to me

A year or two in jail
Might get them thinking
Might get them realising what they do
Miracles of creation
Belonging to every nation
Mauritius feels the sense of loss
It’s true

Justice where does it exist
I ask you
In TAIJI today the banger boats
Are out there chasing dolphins
Banging on their pipes
Causing them to be confused
Yes I feel the gripes
We alL feel about the Japanese
Culpable and wrong
Greenpeace tells scuttling
The ship does not belong
Around this pristine area
More ocean souls will die
Japan should have stopped its
Dolphin hunts
In TAIJI today and that’s why

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