Mandrake (Mandragora Officinale)

Some twenty other names
For this plant poison
Anthropomorphon, and the Sorcerers Root
Racoon Berry , Mannikin
Woman drake and Hexenmannchen
It’s gender Masculine
And Of some repute

Ruled by the planet Mercury
Whose Element is fire
Hecate and Hathor
It’s dieties

Protection and Fertility
Money Love and Health
A whole Mandrake root
Left on a mantel
Quietly on the shelf
Protection and Prosperity
On ones headboard too
Ensures a perfect slumber
And only good dreams
Coming through

When carried it attracts
When worn a good prevention
Against Covid 19
And months of vile dissension
Demons stay the hell away
Mandrake bade Them go
Excellent in exorcism
Which not so many know

To activate a dried root
Place it prominently
In the home and leave untouched
For three days
Then place it in warm water
Leave it overnight
This will activate the root
It’s magick at a height

The water it was bathed in
Sprinkle it around
On the windows on the doors
To purify it’s bound

Mandrake roots are very costly
And scarce one has to say
And many a Witch may use Ash Roots
Or the Briony today

To draw an alternative wisdom
A force beyond the pale
The scent of Mandrake
Induces sleep
It truly cannot fail

Of the nightshade family
A perennial herbaceous plant
It likes a shady forest plot
Somewhere by a river
Away from light for it is not
Enthused by sun
Or Shafts of light
When the day is done

Witches often store them
In silk and in a box
Used in flying ointments
Rubbed on skin unlocks
“Highs“ in all directions
Akin to flying through
A forest and over mountain tops
It’s powers of flight
Are true.

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