JET And his thoughts

Wousers and wabbits
That’s the name of Jets game
Out in the garden
The very same
Behind the bijou
Near the Apple tree
Where the wousers do scamper

Wousers and wabbits
Glittering white
Their tiny blue eyes
In the moon light
They think I can’t see them
But boy yes I can
and will eat them raw
Fur and all that’s my plan.

Such admiration
My mother gives me
She takes me for walks in the fields
And I be
Apt to admire her
To worship her too
For the chicken she cooks me
and what she does do

I am amazingly lucky
That she did adopt
Me from that hell hole
And that she topped
All of my dreams and my wishes to be
Closer to her and dear Luca
Us three

Are now a family
The magick is strong
It’s my transformation
So cannot be wrong
I love being with them
Their house is now mine
And even if it’s raining
The sun still does shine

I follow her everywhere
Because she loves me
I sleep on the sofa
Where she likes to be
I can nod off so easily
When she is near
She is the best human
For she is sincere

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