To be loving of ones parents
Brings originality
A genuineness to work with
And such creativity
Foresight from your mother
When Shinichi Suzuki
His Language acquisition
And a learning she could see
Affirmative of action
It’s how you had to be
Pitch perfect a fine student
Of the creative arts
An ear
For beauty and for study
By degree it’s very clear

The violin and piano
Your instruments of choice
An authorship of plenty
Brought together as one voice
Home loving that’s your certainty
But travel was to be
Instructive setting guidelines
Of your need to see
reinforcing goals For you
Thats how It feels to me
And music and your mother
Were the rocks of constancy

Friday September the 11th
Moon enters cancer on that day
In the time of the Celtic vine
It’s at home it’s where you play
Into the emotions retreating for a while
It’s where you receive a nurturing
Where enrichment comes with style
I think your mum had wanted you
To teach music she thought
All that study and the verve
But helping your father brought
A bit more of your artistic flair
And a way to make him see
That the home is where the heart is
And for you it was the key

Happy Birthday James
26 today
A quarter of a century
You know where you be
Lending support you can underpin
Your dad’s work which is good
It makes for genuine respect
It’s, something that you should
Give back it’s a good thing
And it’s good you realise
The rhythmical proportions
Is the harmony you prize

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